G+| 6 months protection


G+® filters are antiviral and strongly antibacterial. G+®️ filtering material provides a superior balance between breathability and filtering efficiency.

G+®️ filter: a nonwoven fully covered with Graphene Plus coating.

In case of intese activity or long hours use change the filter every working week. Each filter is certified up to 40 hours of actual use.

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G+® filter proves antiviral properties, evaluated following ISO18184. Tests were carried out with SARS-CoV-2 virus, responsible for COVID-19 disease.

G+® filter has been tested by a certified and independent laboratory according to EN 14683 obtaining 95% of Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) and 27 Pa/cm2 of Differential Pressure. It is compliant with CLASS I surgical masks.

G+® filter is strongly antibacterial, it has been tested by a certified and independent laboratory according to UNI EN ISO 20743:2013 with following results: K. Pneumonie > 5.5 and S. Aureus 3.3.


When should I change the filter?
According to internal studies the G+® Graphene Plus filter lasts at least two working shifts (16 hours). We are currently testing the filter properties for a more extensive use and will post every update in this section.
Our aim is to allow customers to regenerate our filters after use without losing its extraordinary filtering and antibacterial properties and exploiting its thermal conductivity.

Where do I dispose the G+®?
While we are burning the midnight oil to allow customers to regenerate filters after use without compromising their properties. We suggest throwing used filters in the unsorted waste.

How do I wash my G+® Co-Mask™?
Remember to remove the filter from the mask before washing.
Your G+® Co-Mask™ is a high-tech protective device take good care of it washing it by hand-wash with a common detergent. After just let it dry.
Tests show you can extensively wash your Co-Mask™.

Can I iron my G+® Co-Mask™?
No ironing testing has been made, we suggest laying or hanging up your mask after washing it. Once it dries up it will be tidy and ready to use.


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G+| 6 months protection

G+| 6 months protection