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Celebrate technologies.

Build a new futuristic home for a new generation.

The G+® generation!

The Cosmic Collection introduces a new direct-ion for Graphene Plus.
This collection aims to build an innovative and technological experience around customers. The Cosmic Collection is a showcase for the incredible versatility of Graphene Plus and its application. G+® means no-compromise: ultimate clothing performance & sustainability.

Choosing a garment from the G+® Cosmic Collection means being aware of our safety and our environment without sacrificing style and fashion. The Cosmic Collection is Made in Italy.

By doing so our customers connect with others, creating a strong network. Graphene is a sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb-shaped lattice, Graphene Plus wants to be a bridge between customers sharing the same life values and the same passion for technology & style.

We call this network the Graphene Plus Community