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A fashionable, smooth, and soft polo. We inspired ourselves by looking at the future elite sports players.

Whether you are playing golf, polo, tennis or sailing the Neptune Polo is the perfect sport equipment to focus exclusively on the competition. Thanks to our proprietary technology: The Thermal Planar Circuit® (PTC) our users will never feel external elements work against them.

The Planar Thermal Circuit ® is a Graphene Plus smart print that works as thermal circuit. When PTC is directed towards the skin it absorbs all the heat produced by the human body, distributing it inside the garment and dissipating it by interacting with the surrounding environment. This happens thanks to Graphene Plus’ thermal conductivity performance.
This mechanism supports the natural thermoregulation of the human body: moving heat from a warmer point to a cooler one. Thanks to this technology it has been possible to create technical and engineered garments for an optimal thermal comfort.

PTC is not only about thermal conductivity; in fact, it also combines a strong Antibacterial effect. Wearing an antibacterial sport Polo results into and odor-free experience even in the toughest of all competitions.

The Planar Thermal Circuit® is also Antistatic, this ensures the well-being of the user and the best wearable experience by naturally dissipating electrostatic charges.

All Graphene Plus garments are chemical free, dermatologically tested, and hypoallergenic.


Fabric: 100% polyamide PA;
Printing: GRAPHENE PLUS PRINTED pattern “diamond”

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1 review for Neptune Polo

  1. Carlo

    Indossata in questi giorni in temperature oltre i 35 gradi C., la Polo conferisce una sensazione di freschezza sulla pelle. Anche dopo averla sudata, rimane completamente priva di qualsiasi sgradevole odore. Veste bene, con un giusto mix di eleganza e sportività futuristica. Fortemente consigliata.

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