Naomi 1.5 from Romy Calzado

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Flared chemisier that combines elegant, vintage style with typical streetwear elements. The dress in the upper part has a “halter” neckline with a classic collar and features a geometric cut at the breast level that joins with the buttoning on the front. The back has a deep neckline that reveals the upper part, while in the lower has a crossed band. The garment is made of indigo blue denim with white stitching and plays on the contrast between the plain color front and the reverse printed with Graphene Plus technology.

Graphene Plus is well renowned as a frontline innovation in fashion-tech. The unique clean pattern of the Planar Thermal Circuit® is a technological feature that transforms the garment ensuring different properties: thermal homogenization, antimicrobial performance and UV protection. This special “hexagonal” pattern was used externally for aesthetic purposes, obtaining a perfect combination of fashion and technology.

The Graphene Plus Planar Thermal Circuit® has been worn also by Naomi Campbell. In these pictures the super model is wearing Romy Calzado’s creation Noami 1.5 during the Milan Afro Fashion Week (September 2021).

Composition: 100% cotton
Print: Graphene Plus, pattern “hexagon”

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Unique, handmade garment, designed and realized in collaboration with the stylist Romy Calzado

Due to the artistic nature of the creation Naomi 1.5 the garment is manufactured on demand and final delivery could take up to 3 weeks


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